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We take immense pride inn the services we offer and know the value of managing tasks and accomplishing projects  - but don't just take my word for it. Check out what our clients have to say...

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Daria Binder

"From day one, Logan was an integral part of our business. Not only did Logan bring forth a strategic plan for the company's digital transformation, she introduced new ideas and trends that had a profound impact on our bottomline. I would highly recommend Logan to any prospective business!"


Remy Road
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“Logan has been a powerful force in creating a solid foundation for my company. Not only has she been a beneficial sounding board, but helped expand upon my ideas in creative and actionable ways that inserted so much energy and revenue into my business. Highly recommend!״ 


Taylor Biggers

“There aren't words to describe Logan's creativity and resourcefulness. Have a business problem? Logan brings not only unique ideas to the table, though ones that help businesses save money and a ton of time. It's always a pleasure working with Logan and I look forward to what we might do next!״ 


Enka Birce

"Logan excels in both tactically executing marketing plans and administrative tasks. She is a creative thinker who inspires those around her. No project seems to be too small or too big for Logan and she helped save our business money by streamlining and automating processes. She has very effective communication and people skills and above all a great sense of humor. I can't recommend her highly enough!"


Lucy Ashton

“I had the pleasure of working with Logan for over two years. She was integral for helping to get our start-up off the ground. In the beginning, Logan handled many business operational duties including technology set-up and staff recruitment. After the initial company set-up, Logan single-handedly created a scalable marketing plan and strategy that we were able to scale quickly and repeat for all our business events. I would happily recommend Logan for any project, task or as an ongoing second-hand for any small business or start-up.״ 


Deryn Tilouche

“I had a wonderful time working with Logan on multiple projects. Not only does she have an innate attention to detail, she is quick though strategic to respond to any challenge or problem. Her communication skills and ability to "read the room" was instrumental to helping to facilitate our services and interact with our customers and partners."

Check Out My Work

Click the link below to check out some of the projects I had the pleasure of working on.

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