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Services & Pricing

Everything you need to know about the Fuse experience.


Administrative & Business Operations Support

  • Email management 

  • Calendar management

  • Live webinar assistance

  • Digital file organization

  • Data entry

  • Presentation design & formatting

  • Appointment setting

  • Order fulfillment

  • Gift packaging & shipping

  • Client onboarding

  • Recruitment & candidate screening

  • Sending invoices

  • Lead & customer followup

  • Curate testimonials, reviews & case studies

  • Vendor relations

  • Conduct interviews

  • Make travel, accommodation & entertainment reservations

  • Form & survey creation

  • Personal shopping

  • eBook launch assistance

  • Report generation

  • & More!

Marketing, Content & Branding Support

  • Email marketing

  • Design- Social posts, flyers, brochures, postcards, brand style guides, logos, white papers, presentations, etc.

  • Website creation via Wix

  • Blog management & blog topic research

  • Email newsletter set-up & scheduling

  • Social media publishing

  • Content creation & content repurposing

  • Loyalty program campaigns

  • Content calendar management

  • Slides & presentations

  • Facebook page & group management

  • LinkedIn page & group management

  • LinkedIn prospecting

  • List segmentation

  • Funnels/drip campaigns

  • Backlinking

  • Marketing & competitive research

  • SWOT analysis

  • Reporting dashboard management

  • Marketing strategy

  • UTM code creation

  • Google Business & Yelp account set-up

  • Stock photo sourcing

  • Light SEO

  • Target audience, competitive & trend analysis

  • & More!

Pivoting the Role of OSR white paper_edited.png
  • Website design (Wix, SquareSpace)

  • Website management (Wix, SquareSpace & Wordpress)

  • HubSpot set-up, training & management

  • Asana set-up, training & management

  • MailChimp set-up, training and management

  • Stripe set-up, training & management

  • Calendly set-up, training & management

  • 6Sense set-up, training & management

  • Chatbot set-up & maintenance

Tech, Systems & App Management/Set-Up

Event Coordination

  • Invitation list management

  • Speaker booking, communication & facilitation

  • Event budgets

  • Vendor, venue & other event-related research

  • Vendor management

  • Supply, SWAG, decoration orders

  • Research

  • Travel & accommodation arrangements

  • Reservations

  • Agenda planning

  • Event theme & mood boards

  • Event mobile app set-up & management

  • Event material proofreading

  • Sponsorship media kits

  • Thought leader & speaker content

  • Event testimonial curation

  • Live event social media management

  • Webinar set-up & promotion

  • Thank you cards & gifts

  • Event landing page design & management

  • & More!



I have a simple and easy approach to pricing. In all cases, I offer these as a virtual “Fuse Debit Card.” You buy the quantity you want upfront and use it at whatever pace and for whatever services (or combination) you like. Each “chunk” is good for 6 months (unless you purchase my 20-hr debit card which expires after 1 year). No monthly minimums are required. Debit cards are non-refundable. Website design and set-up is a flat fee of $3500 charged upfront.

20-hr Debit Card



per hour


valid for 1 year

10-hr Debit Card



per hour


valid for 6 months

5-hr Debit Card



per hour


valid for 6 months

1-hr Debit Card



per hour


valid for 6 months

VIP DAY Debit Card



per day


valid for 1 year

Wix Website Design




5 page website layout & design

SEO & Metadata


iStock purchase

One 45-min brainstorming/scope meeting

One 45-min design/wireframe meeting 

One 45-min edit meeting 

Does Not Include:

Purchase of Domain & Hosting

Business email

SSL certificate cost

Cost of for pay plugins

CRM or email management integration

eCommerce websites

**Additional meeting requests billed separately at $65/hr

The Process

fuse process background.png



First, book a 45/60-min Discovery Call via my Calendly link to discuss your exact needs and pain points to determine if we're a good fit.


Making it Official

If it’s decided that we're a great fit for working together, I'll send you an agreement to sign along with information on how to purchase your first Fuse Debit Card. **Please note that work will not begin until after our initial kick-off call.


Kick-off & Onboarding

After the agreement is signed and "Virtual Fuse Debit Card" (or website design package) is purchased, I'll send you a welcome email and we'll schedule a 45-1hr Kick-off call to deep dive into your tasks, tools, agenda and to set expectations. After this call, our relationship is fused and you can start delegating tasks!

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
    A Virtual Assistant is a remote worker who offers administrative support for you or your business. VA's typically work as an independent contractor, part-time. In addition, hiring a VA can be a cost-effective staffing solution for companies of any size due to low overhead and flexible commitment. VA's can handle tasks that a typical executive assistant would handle, though many VA's can perform specialized tasks such as website creation, data entry, customer relationship management, business systems set-up, recruitment, training, research, event coordination, marketing strategy, content/social media management, and so on.
  • How do I know if a virtual assistant can help my business?
    A Virtual Assistant does not only need to be a contractor that performs random tasks remotely for your business. Properly utilized, a VA can become your “secret weapon” in building/scaling your business and lower its costs significantly without compromising productivity. In fact, a Virtual Assistant can help increase productivity exponentially. Below are 15 reasons why a VA could help your business: 1) You have so many balls up in the air at once, you don't know what to tackle first. 2) You have feelings of overwhelm, lack of focus, and/or stress to get everything you need to done both personally and professionally. Or, just feeling burnt out overall. 3) You have been forfeiting time to yourself, your family and outside passions because there's just not enough time to get everything done (maintaining a good work-life balance). 4) You struggle to meet deadlines or stick to a schedule. 5) You spend too much time on tasks that don't generate revenue. 6) You spend countless hours trying to figure out the things you don't know or aren't good at. 7) You're spending time and energy on things you don't like doing. 8) You need additional support fast though can't spend the funds for a full-time employee and associated overhead costs (such as technology, healthcare, PTO, 401K, and other standard employee benefits). 9) A few hours of extra support is all you need to feel like your business is maintaining its momentum. 10) You're ready to scale your business. 11) You want to keep up with competition. 12) Your office-related costs are limiting your profits. 13) You're needing a fresh perspective or potentially strategic and/or creative insight. 14) You don't know what technologies or automated processes that could help streamline your business operations. 15) You’re missing out on new client opportunities due to lack of time and disorganization.
  • How does payment work?
    The cost to hire a Virtual Assistant vary depending on experience and area of expertise. Some VA's charge by the hour, and some charge via a flat package or project fee. To hire me as your VA, you'll need to first purchase a "Virtual Fuse Debit Card." I have flexible offerings in that you buy the quantity you want upfront and use it at whatever pace and for whatever services (or combination of services) you like. Each "chunk" is good for 6 months unless you purchase the 20-hour Virtual Fuse Debit Card which expires after 1 year from the date of purchase. No monthly minimums are required and the debit cards are non-refundable. Every week you will receive an email indicating how much more time you have on your Debit Card. When there is no more time on the Debit Card, you will receive an email from me to "reload" your card. Please be aware, I'll stop all work until Debit Card is "reloaded."
  • How do you track time?
    I use a reputable time-tracking app called Toggl. I track the time down to every 15 minutes. Productive time is recorded, and a breakdown report provided weekly.
  • Why do I need to sign a contract?
    A Virtual Assistant Contract is an agreement of conduct between a Virtual Assistant and the Virtual Assistant’s client. It defines what that VA will do and how they’ll do it and establishes rules to follow throughout the relationship. A VA contract outlines each party’s obligations, rights, responsibilities, privileges, and limitations. It also describes procedures that will be followed in the event either party needs to terminate or make changes to their work arrangement. ( Possible misunderstandings the VA contract could help avoid include: Working hours and how time off, sick time, vacation and holidays will be handled Payment terms Termination provisions Onboarding & Off-boarding expectations & processes Confidentiality When the VA will be available for communication and how communication will facilitate (email, Slack, text message, etc) Details of restrictive covenants such as non-competes or non-solicitation clauses General scope of work Term length Data security Ownership of intellectual property & copyrights How missed deadlines or unfinished work will be handled
  • How long is the contract active for?
    The Contract is active for as long as services are tendered (unless otherwise specified in Contract).
  • Why do you charge an hourly rate versus a flat project fee or package fee?
    I charge an hourly rate instead of a flat or packaged rate for several reasons: 1) I find tracking my time as I work to be the most accurate, efficient and flexible for both myself and my clients 2) My hourly pricing model eliminates potential of scope creep or unpaid ‘overtime’. 3) I can more easily plan ahead and maintain operational organization and efficiency
  • Why do I have to pay upfront before services tendered?
    I think that it's important for all parties involved for pricing to be easy, clear and not overly complicated. My "Virtual Fuse Debit Card" system ensures that my clients always know where they stand as I will send a weekly report on how much more time is left in their debit card bank. In addition, the prepaid virtual debit card ensures that I don't have to chase invoices if payment deadlines are lapsed and therefore I can maintain organized bookkeeping on my end.
  • Will my Debit Card expire if I don't use it in the time indicated?
    Yes, Fuse Virtual Debit Cards expire after 6 months. However, if you purchase a 20-hr Debit Card, it will remain active for 1 year. I have an expiration date on my debit cards so I can effectively manage my schedule and ensure I can dedicate the appropriate time to all my active clients.
  • What precautions do you take to secure my data, passwords and content?
    Below are ways in which I ensure data and content protection: 1) I have installed a full protection anti-malware/anti-virus software on my computer 2) I use Google Cloud services & Dropbox to protect content, files, and other private client information 3) I've installed 1Password password manager to protect all my clients' passwords 4) I will review and sign data processing and privacy policy documentation provided by my clients 5) I review my default settings and update my software, technology and operating systems periodically
  • Can we have weekly meetings?
    We certainly can have weekly or bi-weekly meetings via Google Meet or Zoom. Actually, I encourage it! However, please note that the meeting time will be deducted out of your debit card. If you purchased the Wix website build please note that your package includes: -One scope/ideation meeting -One design wireframe meeting -First draft meeting (to discuss edits/changes) *Any meeting requested after First draft meeting will be charged additionally at my hourly rate of $60
  • What if I don't know where to start or what to delegate?
    Before hiring my services, I have a 45-min to 1-hr Discovery meeting with my prospective clients to learn about their businesses, pain points, bottlenecks and discuss how I can help. Once we agree that my services will fit your needs, we can discuss a general workflow on our kick-off/onboarding meeting. I really encourage my clients to decide which types of tasks they'll want to delegate before hiring my services. This way, they'll get a clear picture on how I can make a difference. Below are some right tasks to delegate straight out of the gate: 1) Tasks that you don't know how to do 2) Tasks you don't want to do 3) Activities that waste your time or don't contribute to business revenue 4) Tasks that can be repeated
  • For our relationship to be successful, what is expected of me as a business owner?
    For our working relationship to be successful, it's imperative we build a strong foundation. Below are some things we can do to ensure we start off on the right foot. 1) Please be clear and concise when delegating tasks. It also really helps to explain why you need the task completed so I can better understand the bigger picture. 2) It's fine to change your mind on what tasks I should tackle at any given time, though please be conscientious that making a habit of shifting priorities can cause confusion, derail communication, create deadlines to be missed, etc. I pride myself on being flexible for my clients, though maintaining an efficient and effective workflow is imperative for the best quality output. 3) In the beginning of our relationship over-communication is key for us to better get to know each other, for me to better understand your business as well as how you like things done. Remember, it may take a bit of time to get in the groove, so I like to over-communicate for the first few weeks or months, even if it may seem unnecessary. In some instances I've had clients that go "dark" for extended periods of time. Please be aware that consistent communication is imperative for me to do the best job possible for you and your business. In many cases when clients "ghost," I may need to pause on the work I'm doing for them until communication is picked back up. 4) I realize it's difficult to entrust your business tasks to someone else, especially in the beginning of our working relationship. However, if you fill gaps with trust and then verify the work, that will help me better understand how you like things done. I love constructive feedback, though believe micromanaging can be detrimental not only to the workflow, though to the relationship in the long run. 5) Like any relationship, a certain level of flexibility is important. Sometimes things come up, Wi-Fi may go down, kids get sick, etc. If we both are a bit flexible with each other, we can maintain space for when the randomness of life might creep in. 6) It's best if you don't assume I know what you need, how you like things done, how you've set up your systems/tools/processes, or what I should tackle first. For our relationship to be successful, I need to be set up for success. This means I will need ongoing communication, specified priority list, training or training documentation on systems/processes/etc., passwords or login information to the tools I need to do my job effectively, constructive feedback, and so on. In other words, I can't read minds, even though I will aim to get to the point where I can anticipate your needs before you tell them to me! 7) I think it's important to establish some level of virtual face-to-face. This way we can get to know each other better and our relationship is more impactful rather than just transactional. Having an agenda that we stick to for our meetings is very helpful as it will ensure we get all points of concern addressed within the meeting time. 8) If you have certain rules for technology, branding, content, privacy, etc. please ensure you communicate these in writing. 9) Please have all of your software, systems and virtual tools access ready for me before I start working for you. 10) Boundaries for both of us are important. Please remember that I'm a business owner and work with other clients simultaneously...I'm not an employee. That said, I promise I will be very clear on my working hours, when I will be available for communication, if I need to take a sick day or when I'll be going on vacation and how work and deadlines will be handled in those instances. The modes of communication I prefer include Slack, email, and audio recorded text messages. I don't mind answering calls in case of emergency. In most cases, please expect to receive a response within 24 hours, if not the same day (response times might be delayed when out sick or on vacation). 11) Sometimes I may need to reset the tone if my clients begin delegating tasks that are outside of my wheelhouse. While I try my best to learn and master many skills, I won't be an expert in everything. I promise to be transparent regarding my skillset and I will communicate with you if a task delegated is out of my comfort zone. In such cases, I can certainly refer other resources to help. 12) At the end of the day, we are both human beings striving to be successful in our businesses. I promise to respect ALL my clients and present myself and the work I do for them in a professional manner. I also expect the same from them. Bullying, harassment, bigotry, etc. will not be tolerated.
  • How do we successfully communicate and work together?
    In the beginning of our relationship over-communication is key for us to better get to know each other, for me to better understand your business as well as how you like things done. Remember, it may take a bit of time to get in the groove, so I like to over-communicate for the first few weeks or months, even if it may seem unnecessary. In some instances I've had clients that go "dark" for extended periods of time. Please be aware that consistent communication is imperative for me to do the best job possible for you and your business. In many cases when clients "ghost," I may need to pause on the work I'm doing for them until communication is picked back up. 1) Typically, I'll respond to my clients within 24-hrs, if not same day (response times may be delayed in instances where I need to take sick time, vacation, or on holidays). 2) My preferred ways of communication include Slack, email, audio/video recorded text messages. I will answer phone calls in case of emergency. 3) When it comes to communicating on my work, I love and rely on constructive feedback, though I do find micromanaging communication styles to be troublesome. Again, trust is everything. Though, if I need to make changes or edits to the work, I will be more than happy to do so.
  • What hours do you work and how will vacation/holiday be handled?
    Currently, my standard hours and availability are: Monday 9:00am-5pm EST Wednesday 9:00am-5pm EST Thursday 9:00am-5pm EST Some nights I may be available after 7:30pm to answer emails, finalize tasks, send reports, etc. Sometimes I will need to take time off either when sick or for vacation. If I need a sick day, I will immediately communicate that I will be offline due to sickness via email that day and will keep you posted on when I will be online again. In cases where I will be on vacation, I will give you a minimum of a 2 week's notice and we can always schedule a call to discuss how the ongoing workflow should be handled.
  • How will I know if I'm running out of hours on my debit card?
    All of my clients will receive weekly time tracking reports and an email that indicates how much time is left in their debit card bank. I will send you an email alert to reload your debit card once time is getting low. When there is no more time on the Debit Card, you'll receive an email from me that in order for me to continue working that you'll need to "reload" your card with a link to purchase more time. Please be aware, I'll stop all work until Debit Card is "reloaded."
  • Where are you located?
    Typically, I'm based outside of Boston, MA, USA (Eastern Standard Time). I'll notify you if and when I will be working in a different time zone.
  • What software/computer programs do you use and are experienced in?
    Here's a list of all the software, systems, and tools I'm seasoned in. Know that many tools are similar so if you have a program or tool that isn't on the list below, I'll be more than happy to see if there would be a short learning curve to be able to confidently navigate that tool: HubSpot Canva Google Workspace Microsoft 365 Suite CVENT event app Quick mobile event app Survey Monkey Hootsuite Buffer Stripe Asana Mail Chimp Constant Contact Hatchbuck Social Platforms Google Analytics 6Sense ABM Adroll Evernote Trello Basecamp Skype Slack GoToWebinar Calendly Piktochart Vengage Prezi SlideShare Wordpress Wix SEMrush Visme Moz Vimeo Eventbrite Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Zoom Airtable Drift & More!
  • Can you sign a confidentiality agreement or NDA?
    I will be more than happy to look over and discuss signing any confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure, non-compete, non-solicitation, or NDA.
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